Journal of city tourism
Journal of city tourism  

Presentation - objectives - prospective vision 

City & Tourism - Journal of city tourism ©, is a scientific journal of research and debate on the city and its tourism. It is all about urban tourism, which has become the world's leading form of tourism by adding national and international tourists, business tourists and day-trippers according to conventional classifications.


Currently, more than half of the world's population resides in the city. This trend and this phenomenon of residence of the world population shows no sign of decrease in our century.


Knowing that the prospective statistics estimate a planet populated of urban at 70% horizon 2050, such a scientific journal has become necessary to meet the challenges and stakes of a world, which is very often globalized by and for the cities.


We seek the popularization of our research as part of a resonance in the mainstream press of our results, especially because of the acceleration of the practice of the city break - city vacation - city trip - city tour - which has spread widely to globally, regionally and locally. For these reasons, we have developed a renewed knowledge for a global scientific approach to city tourism and all its implications, without forgetting to develop and disseminate our research results to the general public through a Medium page and our website.


Globally, we observe the practice of the famous city break - weekend or short-term holidays in a city - which implies often that city-dwellers leave the city for another city, in order to travel and spend a few days of vacation.


Globalization has consequences for observable and quantifiable city tourism practices; the world's major cities are similar in the approach and management of this urban tourism with touristic projects and infrastructure sometimes identical but also differentiated practices.


But even more, urban tourism does not become a major factor in the construction of the image of the city and sometimes the image of a country. City tourism is multiple, in connection with the economic activity of a city (business tourism), the organization of congresses and leisure activities for the general public. We must also highlight the challenge of moving towards more sustainable urban tourism through a good tourism practice that has significant consequences for our planet and its environment.


Currently, tourist offices through their marketing and communication strategies reason by adding factors and objectives to enhance the attractiveness of their cities. They seek the superposition of different types of clients and visitors at the same time: the excursionists, the business tourists, the congresses tourists, the cultural tourists, the pilgrim tourists and the tourists who travel for playful leisure activities. Promotion agencies offer the creation of an official image, verified or contradictory to the reality of a city.


This axiom is realized through sometimes remarkable phenomena of hybridization, standardization or differentiation. There are also endogenous and exogenous social events or productions that characterize or modify a tourist activity in the urban world. This leaves options or strategic axes based on differentiation with respect to the other, but also think of a necessary networking with the rest of the world and resulting in a multiplication of competition.



Finally, risks, uncertainties and new behaviors imply a redefinition of the tourist turnaround, experienced by small cities, metropolises and global cities. The staging, storytelling and the development of tourism activity in urban areas require high-quality scientific research, allowing purveyors reflections for cities and the players of their governance.


City tourism is an object of identifiable scientific knowledge and part of the globalization process. Our scientific journal sees in "the nomadic planet" where humans go from city to city, a new theoretical framework to better understand the processes at work and understand our world.


The aim of the Journal of City Tourism  - City & Tourism ©  is to work on different themes that are meaningful and emulate in the field of research disciplines. Nevertheless, we favor two complementary approaches that will allow us to give a precise portrait of the tourist city, a marketing approach (economic, communicationmanagement, branding and governance of the city tourism) and a geographical approach (human, urban, spatial and environmental). It's about a  marketing geographic = « geo - marketing ». 


We also have complementary analyzes of city tourism with a multidisciplinary perspective, incorporating different domains such as landscape, history, sociology, town planning and the digital sphere.


Our objective is to become the leaders in scientific research and debates in the field of city tourism and in the many aspects associated with this theme. As a summary, we look into and refer to different fields.


-Marketing, management, communication, city tourism governance.

-City tourist and law, legislation.

-The economy of services, large and small hotel groups, employability, CSR.

-Business tourism and the attractiveness of the city, the development of a brand, international fairs, congresses in the city.

-The tourist city and the digital sphere.


-Sustainable development and city tourism.

-Landscape, environment, climate change, waterfront, riverfront, lakefront, valley front.

-Mega-events, leisure planning for tourism (Olympic Games, World Expo, FIFA World Cup ...).

-Heritage, conservation, labelling, town twinning, town planning, public space, landscape and architecture.


-The tourist concentration in the city, mass tourism, over tourism, city tourism and health, social movements.

-Tourism and accessibility of the city.

-Tourism and risk in the city, terrorism.


-Linguistic trips and cultural offers.

-Humanitarian and social tourism in the city, greeters, association and tourist city.

-City tourism and lifestyle, sociology, anthropology.

-History of city tourism.


-Multiple case studies teaching to general comments, regional vision, continental vision, global vision of city tourism, (standardization and differentiation, impacts, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and possible dangers).


We wish to become a major player of city tourism, encourage, value, stimulate and involve all the goodwill on an aspect of the tourism which has become essential for the public and private players, financial companies, new companies (the internet giants), startups and associations.


Let's Be Players Of City Tourism



June 2018

Journal of city tourism

 Sevilla 2018