Journal of city tourism
Journal of city tourism  

Submission Process 


Send your questions or articles to :


Seven types of submission are possible:



1. The special issue led by authors: coordination of issues


A special issue project, carried out by recognized authors who want to work a specific themes during a dedicated issue of the scientific journal. They will lead the collection of articles and share the article selection policy with the review team. Please contact us on a Word page, with your identity, educational institution or company (tourist office...), address, phone number, email address, a summary of your call in 500 words maximum, call to be published after acceptance.


2. An article 


A scientific article that responds to a  specific call or permanent call.


Articles must be answered with 11 points in order to be presented for evaluation.


1. We accept articles in English, French and Spanish.

2. On the first page of the article should inculde:
-Last name First Name
-Establishment / organization
-Business address
-E-mail adresss
-Title of the article

3. The article must not exceed the 60 000 signs spaces included in the body of the article of the parts and sub-parts numbered [1. Title in bold - 1.1 Title and 1.1.1 Title].

From the second page, the article will include:
-A new title of the article
-The three abstracts of the article with the five keywords
-the introduction
-The development of the manuscript with indications for the illustrations to  include
-The conclusion
-The bibliography
-Acknowledgement if necessary.
-No Annex

4. Three abstracts and five keywords in the languages of the journal will be given.

5. All articles must be sent electronically to

6. The transmission should be done in Word file (.doc .docx), with illustrations, tables and figures sent separately.

For illustrations, please send files in original format .eps, .tif, .ai, png, but also in jpeg. The tables are in Word (.doc .docx) or Excel (.xls .xlsx).

7. For illustrations or tables, their titles should be placed out of the frame above in the center and the source below the right. The illustrations should be numbered and their location should be indicated in the text with this formula [Figure 1.].

8. The article should be sent at the same time as the transmission of an e-mail from the author attesting that the article is an original text containing illustrations free of right or having the rights for their publication. The author should also attest that the article is not submitted to another magazine during the time of the evaluation of the Journal City & Tourism.

9. The terms proprietary term or trademark recalling shall be highlighted in the text of the Article if any. Use the ® or TM symbols.

10. References, quotations, and references in the body of the text of the article should be made according to APA standards. An explanation sheet may be sent if necessary.


11. A report will be sent to the author (s) regarding the evaluation of the article and the date of publication or posting.


3. A scientific video

A video, for a less than 15 minutes duration which we will put online on our dedicated YouTube channel with a short text explanation.


4. A scientific portfolio

A portfolio of 20 photographs that will be commented on a short explanatory text for each illustration on our Instagram account.


5. An article of popular science:

The objective is to make its content accessible to e more general public. An article of popular science of less than 7 000 signs which we will post on our blog Medium and also on this website City & Tourism News.


6. A debate - an interview a special event: the editorial staff will contact the concerned parties to look into the modalities of dissemination of the comments.


7. A reading report of less than 2500 signs.



Journal of city tourism

 Sevilla 2018